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Bruce Broster- Student in the field

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Geoscientists Canada – AGM 2016 Calgary

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Geoscientists Canada – Delegates at RFG 2018 Vancouver

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APEGA- Geo Lab

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Hendrik Falck – Geological Samples

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Brent Ward – Seymour Valley - Students in the Field- January 2021

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PGO-Ali Rasoul, P.Geo.

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Brent Ward – Seymour Valley- Students in the Field - January 2021


Brent Ward - Student in the Field

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  • Pete Hollings – Students in the Field
  • Geoscientists Canada – PDAC 2018
  • Geoscientists Canada - GC Booth at PDAC 2018



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APEGA – Sample Lab

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  • Bruce Broster – Field Trip
  • Imshun Je, P.Geo.

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Janis Dale- Miette Outcrop Banff National Park

 Practice in Canada

NRCAN - Western end of Grinnell Glacier at Watts Bay, north shore of Meta Incognita Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut.

Canada and Geoscience

NRCAN – Geological Map of Canada

Professional Development

Geoscientists Canada – Garth Kirkham P.Geo delivering Short Course at RFG 2018, Vancouver.


NRCAN - Scientist travelling by snowmobile to sample sites located in the Tibbitt-to-Contwoyto winter road corridor.







"Providing the public with information about Earth and its mysteries is the way I share my passion for geology."

- John Clague, P.Geo.