Ensuring Canada is served by a skilled, versatile, reputable and accountable geoscience profession

Geoscientists Canada is the national organization of the provincial and territorial regulatory bodies that govern Canada’s professional geoscientists and geoscientists-in-training. Geoscientists Canada co-ordinates development of high national standards of admissions, competency, practice and mobility to ensure that Canada is served by a skilled, versatile, reputable and accountable geoscience profession. Learn more here.

What’s New

L’Ordre des géologues du Québec returns to membership with Geoscientists Canada.

British Columbia Geoscientist, Dr. C.D. (‘Lyn) Anglin, Ph.D., P.Geo, FGC, receives 2022 Canadian Professional Geoscientist Award.

Yuri  Kinakin, P.Geo. takes office as President of Geoscientists Canada for 2022-2023

Geoscientists Canada Statement on the Ukraine Crisis

Practical Geocommunication Short Course by Geologize, a US$450 value, is now available for FREE to all registered P.Geo., P.Eng., G.I.T/E.I.T./M.I.T. and student members through participating regulator members of Geoscientists Canada. Contact your regulator for your free access. Practical Geocommunication - GC (geologize.org)

Saskatchewan Geoscientists, Donald Kent, P. Geo., P.Eng., FGC, FEC receives 2021 Canadian Professional Geoscientist Award

Geoscientists Canada Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the Regulated Practice of Geoscience in Canada

Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in CanadaRevised Edition

“Geoscience and Canada-Understanding our Earth: The Vital Role of Canada’s geoscientists” A joint publication of Geoscientists Canada and Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences.


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"I have come to understand that our professional associations will sustain excellence in our profession be it through ethical rules, continuous education requirements or the coaching of young people so they reach the full title. We must be proud of the road travelled and of our P.Geo. designation."

- Isabelle Cadieux, géo.